i'm eighteen. i'm a feminist. i'm a rebel with a cause.

But I can still listen to all the sad songs we sing together and my eyes don’t swell and my stomach doesn’t swirl.

I can lay in my bed and I don’t feel the knot inside me squeezing tighter and tighter, wishing you were here to loosen it.

I can pass my favorite places that we’ve been to together and think of them as mine and not ours.

I can hold important conversations about the economy or global warming, without trying to find a way to tell everyone what your voice sounds like in the morning.

I can drive at night without making a wrong turn somewhere and showing up in your driveway.

I can smell your clothes and breathe you in while you’re out of town without having to sit down and just miss you for a little while.

I can make it through the day without the feeling of your fingers touching mine.

I can sit next to you without wondering if we’ve learned every part of one another.

I can do my schoolwork without stopping to write you a letter about how your eyes look a little more green before you fall asleep.

I can look at you and I have no idea what the space between your neck and your collarbone looks like.

I can do all of this.

And that’s how I know it’s not real.



Being a Missourian, I am more than relieved with this outcome.

Women’s rights 1, Conservative assholes 0

Although this election has been a monumental step in the women’s movement, please keep in mind that this is only a step. 

We, as women still have a lot to fight for, and much more progress to make.

Suffragettes c.1918

Suffragettes c.1918